Update: The Raleigh Hatchet is still dead. I’d love to tell you otherwise, but the central figure behind this legendary altrag is keeping mum. Plus, I haven’t actually asked him. Although I did consider holding a silent auction to raise some money with the thought that he might be lured back to start posting again. I wanted to solicit online gift baskets stores to donate some of their cool gift baskets that I would then use in a fundraiser event.

Have you ever looked at gift baskets? They can be really amazing. If you are into luxury gourmet or wine gift baskets there are plenty to choose from. But there are a lot of less expensive gift baskets as well. Well the silent auction never happened since none of the gift basket stores I contacted responded. However, the research I did regarding gift baskets led to my sending my mom one of them for the holidays. I admit this was a bit of a sneaky gift since I was going to be spending the holidays with her. So I took into account she loves chocolate and I took into account that I love any savory gourmet treat AND good wine, and selected a gift basket that would satisfy both our appetites.

Before I move on in this post let me just describe what was in the gift basket. The gift basket site called it a Champage Basket, but it also had a Cabernet Sauvignon along with the vintage Brut Champagne. In addition there were the finest artisan foods and the most decadent desserts available, so the copy said. And they were right. There was a pate fruit quince, a dry salami con vino, smoked gouda, roasted seasoned almonds, a Guadalajara spicy snack mix, crisp and savory gourmet crackers seasoned with real rosemary and roasted garlic, smoked Pacific salmon, almond toffee, and for my Mom, rich decadent godiva chocolates, chocolate cookies, chocolate covered almonds, and a chocolate fondue kit for 2- I supplied the fresh strawberries. I gotta admit, we both loved that gift basket. I am salivating just reminiscing about all the goodies.

Anyway, back to the The Raleigh Hatchet. He’s got a MySpace page that looks like it hasn’t been updated for several years now (you know, since everyone realized how useless MySpace was for anything except maybe promoting your band, and even then…). Perhaps the Raleigh Hatchet can be found slipping through the cracks between Twitter and Facebook?

Perhaps we should simply let the Hatchet grow rusty and eventually disintegrate into the constituent matter, stellar in origin, from which we all arise…to one day return to formlessness and meta-conscious oneness with the totality of the energy in the universe which some have called the ineffable realization of the divine?

Perhaps not. Given all of the crazy situations and severe problems facing the world, this is not such a huge issue. On the scale of important things, it falls below the final episode of MASH, which is less important than your neighbor’s mortgage refinancing, and from there to your 26th birthday, new troubles in the Middle East, Cancer, and finally Mom’s Wrath.

In all this gibble gabble there are more pressing matters. Right?

Now THAT’S perspective. Oh, and I meant “cancer” as the group of devastating and usually nearly-incurable medical conditions, not the astrological sign or latitude, which I think they should seriously consider renaming for sensitivity’s sake.

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